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Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd.


Company Overview

Corporate Information


Safety and security have become increasingly important as society in the 21st century moves forward in its quest for well being. This is where the Yokogawa Denshikiki product family, which is based on rich industry experience and state-of-the-art technology, comes into play. Our sophisticated precision equipment incorporates our expertise in fundamental technologies that we have acquired and put to use over the years as well as the latest technology advances, and this is contributing not only on the ground but also in the sea, in the air, and in space to the development of many different industries.

In line with Yokogawa's corporate strategy, Yokogawa Denshikiki will continue to develop its own fundamental technologies and promote technology fusion through collaboration with the Yokogawa Group. A versatile, vibrant, and visionary company that is responsive to ever-varying and advancing customer needs, Yokogawa Denshikiki is contributing to the realization of a thriving global society.

Business domains

>Maritime navigation and aerospace businesses

Navigational equipment, maritime equipment, equipment for civilian aircraft engines,
rocket engine igniters

The businesses domains listed below distribute products and provide services only in Japan.

>Environment business

Meteorological, terrestrial-phenomenon and hydrological observation equipment,
environmental data gathering and monitoring systems

>Data transmission, security, and combustion businesses

Data transmission systems, security equipment, industrial igniters, static eliminators