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Electromagnetic Log


This type is suitable for general merchant vessels, and accepts both flush-mountable and dual-axis sensors.



  • A preamplifier is built into the sensor for stable and long-distance transmission (max.300m long) of the current signal.
  • The EML500 can receive a backup signal(NMEA-0183) from external speed sensors such as a GPS receiver.
  • A dual-axis sensor (optional) measures a ship's transverse speed as well as its longitudinal speed.

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Measurement Range Speed -4 to 20 kt
-5 to 25 kt
-7 to 35 kt
-8 to 40 kt
-10 to 50 kt
-13 to 65 kt
Distance 0 to 9999.99 nm
Direction 0 to 359 deg. (For dual-axis)


Speed ±0.2 kt or 1% of reading whichever larger
Distance ±0.05 nm/h or ±1% whichever larger
Direction ±2.5 deg. (For dual-axis)
Power Supply 100/220V AC 50/60Hz single-phase
Signal Inputs NMEA-0183
(For back up signals from external speed sensors such as GPS)
1 circuit
Signal Outputs Speed Voltage: 0 to 5V DC or 1 to 5V DC 2 circuits
Current: 0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA 4 circuits
Distance (Pulse) 200 P/nm photo-coupler output, 5.5V, 5mA 8 circuits
200 P/nm contact output, 30V, 1A, 100ms ON width 2 circuits
Speed alarm Contact output NC or NO, 30V DC, 1A 2 circuits
Digital signal NMEA-0183
(Longitudinal speed and transverse speed)
2 circuits
Environmental Ambient
-15 to +55 deg.C (Operating)
-20 to +60 deg.C (Not operating)
Humidity 10 to 95%rh
Water-pressure Max. 0.5 MPa (At bottom valve and sensor)
Type Approval Japan(JG)

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