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Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd.


Discontinuation of Service Parts for Old Models

June 22, 2016

Discontinuation of Service Parts for Old Models

To our valued customers

Please be advised that we have discontinued the service parts for old models of Gyrocompass, Autopilot, EM Log, and other products. The details are provided in the table below.

As the table shows, more than 10 years have passed, since these models were last produced. For this reason, it has become very difficult to manufacture many of the parts for these models.

Product Model Final year of Production(years passed) Scheduled Discontinuation of Service Parts yyyy/mm Altermative Model
Gyrocompass D1/D3 1987(29) 2016/09 CMZ900
Gyrocompass CMZ100/CMZ200/CMZ300 1986(30) 2016/09 CMZ900
Gyrocompass CMZ250X/CMZ300X 1997(19) 2016/09 CMZ900
Gyrocompass CMZ50 1999(17) 2017/09 CMZ900
Autopilot IPS2/IPS2B/IPS3/PS5,PT7 1985(31) 2018/09 PT500/PT900
Autopilot PT10 1984(32) 2018/09 PT500/PT900
Autopilot PT11/PT21 1989(27) 2018/09 PT500/PT900
EM Log EML12/EML13/EML15 1986(30) 2017/09 EML500
EM Log EML112 1989(27) 2017/09 EML500
Gyro-Level System SGL250/300 2004(12) 2016/09 N/A
ECDIS NCS5000 2003(13) 2016/09 N/A
GPS Compass GHS700 2004(12) 2016/09 N/A

*As we have advised you, as of end of September 2015 we are no longer accepting orders for Gyrosphere T002 for Gyrocompass models D1/D3, CMZ100/200/300, and CMZ250X/300X. The supply of all parts for these models will be discontinued in September 2016.

*The detailed schedule will be informed you when the date of discontinuation draws closer.

For the customers using these models, we would recommend and encourage you to retrofit them with alternative models. If you have any questions about replacing your system , please contact our branch offices or Sales/Service agents.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and humbly ask for your kind understanding.