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BNAAC(Batch Noise Adaptive Autopilot Controller)

Autopilot for monitor the disturbance model of vessel



  • The ship’s model is updated to the most recent model by the disturbance model on straight leg, by this function, BNAAC can keep watch on the change of ship’s character by ship’s draught / speed, and the change of disturbance / noise. As result BNAAC can control rudder optimally.
  • By detection of disturbance / noise changing, BNAAC can product the ship’s movement by rudder / disturbance, and can control rudder optimally on current circumstance. Also BNAAC can control rudder on rough sea optimally, correspond to change of disturbance (ex. Wind / wave / current, shallow water effect).
  • BNAAC controls the best necessary rudder angle for course keeping the waste rudder is rejected, and the fuel cost is improved.

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