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Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd.



E-COurse Pilot

Autopilot for virtual setting of destinations far from the course line and performing vessel maneuvering control



  • E-COurse Pilot measures XTD (Cross Track Distance) generated by the sea current or wind, produces a virtual course line, and controls the vessel to follow on that line.
  • E-COurse Pilot reduces a "stray" off from the track, and helps the vessel to arrive the destination with shorter track distance.
  • Compared to TCS, rudder to steer is kept small and infrequent. This contributes to fuel saving effect. By combination with BNAAC control, further powerful synergistic effect can be expected.
  • Virtual course line is set automatically by "POWER ON". No need of complicated operations!
  • E-COurse Pilot is "ADD-ON" feature to the existing PT500 model.

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