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Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd.




PT500 series autopilots are highly reliable and meet current industry needs.



  • The model PT500 autopilot, which has superior operability and functionality, is suitable for a wide range of applications, from large tankers to small freighters and high speed boats. It is available in two versions, model PT500A and model PT500D, which differ in respect of the method of automatic steering. You can freely select a suitable model and configure the optimum system for the type of vessel concerned.
  • Follow-up and non follow-up steering systems are completely independent. Consequently, an abnormality in one system has no effect on the other system. Also, the control systems of the automatic and manual steering units are independent of each other.
  • The course setter has a dial (25 degrees/rotation), and the set course indicator uses a readily visible red LED. The function keys use easy to understand pictorial characters in order to minimize the possibility of operator error.
  • A separate DIN standard unit is used for each function, facilitating excellent functional expandability and operability. The automatic steering unit, steering repeater compass and other units are of compact design and occupy a volume of about 80% of that of previous units. They can thus be easily incorporated in a console or used to build up a system.
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