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Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd.




PT900 Series Next-Generation Autopilot.



  • Equipped with a 7-inch color LCD display
    Maneuvering and configuration data are displayed on one screen, significantly improving visibility.
    Adoption of a touch-panel display enables easy and intuitive operation.
  • Significant improvement in fuel saving
    Incorporates the fuel-saving heading control function “BNAAC” and the fuel saving course control function “E-COurse Pilot” into the main unit.
    (BNAAC is fitted as standard to PT900A, and E-COurse Pilot is optional for all series models.)
  • Easy scalability of the system
    Adopts inter-device networks.
  • Conforms to the standards for classification of ships of respective countries, and easily caters to diverse specifications.
  • Improved lineup of products
    Like the present PT500 series, two models are available: PT900D with basic PID type, and PT900A with adaptive type, which are effective for fuel saving.
  • Type Approval

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