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Chart Plotter

Chart Plotters System Descriptions

Chart Plotters

A chart plotter indicates a ship's position by means of a light mark on a chart overlaid on a plot table. The light mark continuously shows the ship's position using data supplied from another positioning system. With the reduction of the chart workload, personnel can focus their attention on maneuvering the ship, keeping watch, and other tasks.

SPL2000 : This type is suitable for all types of vessels.

SPL500M : This type has a compact design and requires less space.

System Configuration


System Configuration of SPL2000

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Easy Operation - How to setup the chart -

  1. Set desired chart on plot table.
  2. Put chart number into operation unit. (Key operation)
  3. Adjust the setting points. (Key operation)
  4. Light mark will move to current ship's position.
  5. Ship's position can be read out.

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Explanation of Units

HR402 Plot Table
This table is large enough size to accommodate any chart currently used in the world. Aship's position (i.e. the light mark) can be shown on a chart made according to varioustypes of geodetic methods such as Mercator's.

HH507 Operation Unit
This unit is used to select the type of chart and input data for operating the chart plotter.This unit also digitally displays a ship's position.

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