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Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd.


Chart Plotter


The SPL2000 char plotter continuously indicates a ship's position on a chart and is an important tool for ensuring safety at sea.



  • A ship's position (i.e. the light mark) is continuously indicated on a chart overlaid on a plot table.
  • The plot table is large enough size to accommodate any chart currently used in the world. Large amounts of chart information can be stored in combination with a chart number.
  • The operation unit also digitally displays a ship's position.

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Accuracy ±0.3 mm (Approx. 30 m on a scale of 1 : 100,000)
Resolution 0.12mm

Power Supply

100/115 V AC ±10% single-phase
Environmental Ambient temperature 0 to 55 deg.C
Humidity 20 to 95%rh (No condensation)
Signal Inputs Gyrocompass RS422
90X sync. (AC)
360X sync. (AC)
90X stepper (DC)
180X stepper (DC)
Speed log 200 P/nm
Positioning equipment RS422
20 mA current loop
Geodetic System WGS-72, WGS-84, Tokyo, European, etc. are available
Chart Memory
10 courses max., 40 charts per course, the total of 200 charts

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