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Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd.


Yokogawa Green Products

"YOKOGAWA Green Products" form an Earth-friendly product lineup based on the concepts of fuel saving, eco-friendliness and more.

FUEL SAVING / BNAAC (Batch Noise Adaptive Autopilot Controller)


Fuel saving function for in-service vessels (PT500A add-on)
PT500A adaptive control memorizes hull movements as model cases and steers a vessel to be adapted to the features of the hull.
In addition, BNAAC memorizes the external effects on the hull, such as wind and waves, and performs adaptive control depending on the maritime weather.
It secures controllability with a smaller rudder angle than before, and contributes to the improvement of fuel saving performance.

BNAAC(Batch Noise Adaptive Autopilot Controller)


Fuel saving function for the control type to the ground for in-service vessels (PT500 add-on)
Because the autopilot controls the ship's heading, any divergence from a planned course due to wind and waves/tides cannot be corrected.
By combined use with the PT500 series, E-COurse Pilot can correct difference from a planned course with a slight rudder angle and steer a vessel to go straight without reducing the vessel's speed.
In addition to the superior fuel saving performance, there is no need to correct any divergence from a planned course, and therefore the staff on duty can concentrate on the lookout.

E-COurse Pilot(ECOP)


RUNNING COST SAVING / Paper-less Course Recorder

ydkmr-ma-mdr290top-200x200.jpg Storing ship records as digital data
Previous Course recorder used recording paper and pens that needed routine replacement.
Paperless Course recorder can store ship records on an SD card and reduce running costs.
Ship records will be displayed in color LCD and events can be written with a stylus pen. These recorders provide the same usability as previous models.
(Previous Course recorder models are also sold together.)


Next generation autopilot integrating Yokogawa Green Products
Yokogawa Denshikiki's new autopilot feature, BNAAC, is fitted as standard to the PT900A (adaptive) model, and E-COurse Pilot, which can be added as an optional function.
Newly adopted 7-inch color LCD display provides information with clear intuitive visibility.
To change the steering position, the previous switch was changed to the takeover method with the push button attached to each steering unit. This enables the smooth start of steering operations at a desired steering location.
Because each unit is classified by function, it is easy to incorporate it into the bridge console to cater to the ship's steering arrangements.

PT900 Autopilot



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