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This type is suitable for small vessels.



  • The system configuration can easily be adapted to each vessel's specifications.
  • IEC 61162-2 high-speed code is available for the heading and rate of turn (ROT) outputs.
  • A unique anti-vibration system enhanced by the velocity damping effect of high viscous oil, provides superior damping of vibration and decoupling of shock at sea.
  • A small and lightweight container enhances the follow up speed. The gyrocompass changes smoothly and does not lag when a small vessel rapidly changes course.
  • A space-saving design: the master compass can be installed on the autopilot stand.
  • The restart time can be preset from 1 to 99 hours.
  • Bridge Alert Management System (BAMS) interface function based on IEC62288 Ed.2.
CMZ900B2 System Descriptions


Settling Time
and Accuracy
Settling time Within 5 hours
(Operational state is reached in about 2 hours)
Accuracy Static: ±0.25 deg.x sec (Latitude)
Dynamic: ±0.7 deg.x sec (Latitude)
Follow up accuracy 0.1 deg. or less
Max. follow up speed 30 deg./s

(Normal use)

Permissible angle ±40 deg.(Roll), ±40 deg. (Pitch)
Ambient temperature -10 deg.C to +55 deg.C
Power Supply Main 24V DC
AC adapter (Option), type MKS070 is available on
100V/110V/115V/220V AC 50/60Hz single-phase
Alarm 24 V DC
Signal Inputs Automatic
speed error correction
Latitude: IEC61162-1 (NMEA0183) 1 circuit
Ship's speed: IEC61162-1 (NMEA0183) 1 circuit
External heading IEC61162-1 (NMEA0183) 1 circuit
Signal Outputs Heading data for repeater compasses 3 circuits
Heading data for steppers 1 circuit
Serial data IEC61162-1 1 circuit
IEC61162-1/-2 selective 2 circuits
Gyro. running (Close contact when running) 1 circuit
Alarms (Open contact
when abnormal)
System failure 1 circuit
No voltage 1 circuit
Type Approval EU(MED:Wheelmark)
CMZ900B2 System Descriptions


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